AI Partner & Profit Review
AI Partner & Profit Review


AI Partner & Profit Review : Introduction


Welcome to the AI Partner & Profit Review post,

A.I. Partner & Profit™ is our previously announced affiliate program that allows seven-figure business owners anywhere in the world, regardless of their background, skills or experience, to collaborate and build their own seven-figure AI-powered business (AI). . ) based on doing any work.


What Exactly Is A.I. Partner & Profit?


A.I. Partner & Profit is an online course and partnership program designed by Michael Cheney, the mastermind behind several successful software products, including the renowned 7 Figure Affiliate System. But what sets this program apart? Let’s break it down:


The Partnership Model: Unlike traditional affiliate marketing, where affiliates earn a percentage of sales, A.I. Partner & Profit offers a unique proposition. Participants partner directly with Michael Cheney and gain access to his own 7-figure business. Yes, you read that correctly—you get to profit from a high-performing business without lifting a finger.


Zero Work, 100% Profit: Here’s the magic: Michael and his team handle everything—from product creation to marketing, sales, and customer service. Your role? Simply drive traffic to the pre-built assets they provide. In return, you pocket 100% of the profits. No more tedious tasks; just focus on what matters—making money.


The A.I. Advantage: The latest update introduces artificial intelligence (A.I.) into the equation. Imagine having an intelligent assistant that automates tasks, optimizes campaigns, and maximizes your earnings. With A.I., you can scale your business effortlessly while sipping your favorite beverage.

AI Partner & Profit Review


How AI Partner & Profit Works


Access the Offer: Upon joining, you gain access to the Partner & Profit business. Michael Cheney’s team has already done the heavy lifting, creating a high-converting offer and all the necessary assets.

Promote Like a Pro: Your job is simple—drive targeted traffic to the provided pages. Michael reveals effective traffic strategies within the program, ensuring you’re equipped to succeed.

Profit, Rinse, Repeat: As sales roll in, you keep every cent. No revenue-sharing; it’s all yours. And now, with A.I. in play, you can optimize your campaigns for even greater returns.


AI Partner & Profit Review : Overview


Vendor: Michael Cheney

Product: A.I Partner & Profit

Launch Date: 2024-May-27

Launch Time: 08:00 EDT

Front-End Price: $19.95

 Niche: Software (Online)

The Official Website : Click Here

AI Partner & Profit Review


AI Partner & Profit Review : Full Review


AI Partner & Profit FE: $19.95 (100%)

  • Join forces with Michael Cheney in one of his massively profitable done-for-you digital franchises! 
  • Grab your own slice of the $121.85 Billion Dollar online education industry as a full partner in my A.I Partner & Profit system!


The EASIEST way to own your own profitable business, period!

  • Includes downloadable video, audio, and transcript
  • All recorded 2024 content
  • Includes easy-to-follow slides and content

Get More Info And Get Instant Access Now

AI Partner & Profit – Launch Bonuses

Get Free Bonuses Valued At Over $2,678


  1. High-Performance Habits (Value $67)
  2. Customer Service System (Value $297/m)
  3. SOP Simplification System (Value $97)
  4. Plug & Play Promotions (Value $197)
  5. A.I. Partner & Profit Playbook (Value $97)
  6. Easy Payment Processing (Value $497)
  7. LIVE $400K Handover Session (Value $497)


ORDER BUMP: Behind the Scenes of a $6K/Mth A.I Business $17.95 (100%)

YES, Show Me Inside A $6K/Mth A.I. Business: From the free tools we used, to how we got all that traffic. Plus every single tactic, strategy and secret to generate over $6K/Mth and use them in your very own A.I. Partner and Profit business. Add To The Cart ONE-Time Offer


OTO 1: A.I Premium Partner Pack – $197 (75%)

*Exit popup will offer a 2-part payment plan (2x $98.50) (75%)


  • Lifetime Recurring Commissions
  • Consistent Commission System
  • Total Email Automation
  • Seven-Figure Affiliate Formula
  • Ultimate Profit Masterclass
  • High Ticket Licence Pack
  • 1K Per Day Case Study


OTO 2: A.I 10X Profit Partners – $97 (75%)

*No DS is offered


  • Point & Click Profits
  • 10x Profit Program 
  • Precision Profits Program 
  • Rapid Profit Plan 
  • Bulletproof Bonus Bundle
  • Ultimate Profit Planner


OTO 3: Lifetime Reseller Rights – $97 (75%)

*No DS is offered


  • Done For You Promotions
  • 100% Commissions on the Entire Funnel
  • Fast Track Guaranteed Approval
  • Swipe & Deploy Professional Graphics


Pricing and Upsells


Front End Offer: The main course, A.I. Partner & Profit, is priced at $19.95 during the launch period. Act fast, as the price will increase after May 31, 2024.

Bump Offer: For an additional $17.95, explore the behind-the-scenes secrets of a $6k per month campaign.

Upsells: While not mandatory, consider the upsells based on your needs. They enhance your experience but aren’t essential for using A.I. Partner & Profit.

AI Partner & Profit Review


Pros and Cons of the AI Partner & Profit Program Review:



Hands-Free Business: The most significant advantage is that participants don’t need to create products, handle customer service, or manage day-to-day operations. You get a fully operational 7-figure business without lifting a finger.

Profit Sharing: Unlike traditional affiliate marketing, where commissions are a percentage of sales, A.I. Partner & Profit offers 100% profit retention. Every sale you generate goes directly into your pocket.

A.I. Integration: The inclusion of artificial intelligence (A.I.) enhances efficiency. A smart system can optimize campaigns, analyze data, and make informed decisions, allowing you to scale your business effortlessly.

Low Barrier to Entry: Regardless of your background or experience, you can participate. No need for technical skills or extensive knowledge—just follow the provided instructions.

Access to a Proven System: Partnering with a 7-figure business owner means you’re tapping into their expertise, proven strategies, and successful processes.



Limited Control: While the hands-off approach is appealing, some entrepreneurs prefer more control over their business. With A.I. Partner & Profit, you’re essentially a silent partner.

Dependency on Michael Cheney’s Business: Your success relies on the performance of Michael Cheney’s business. If it falters, your profits may suffer.

Initial Investment: Although the program is reasonably priced during the launch period, there’s still an upfront cost. Some individuals may find this prohibitive.

Market Saturation: As more people join the program, competition could increase. It’s essential to stand out and drive targeted traffic effectively.

Long-Term Sustainability: While the concept is intriguing, long-term sustainability remains to be seen. A.I. systems evolve, and market dynamics change.

AI Partner & Profit Review




AI Partner & Profit bridges the gap between aspiring entrepreneurs and 7-figure success. With A.I. as your ally, you can unlock unprecedented profits without breaking a sweat. So, are you ready to partner with the future?

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