ARMagic Review
ARMagic Review

ARMagic Review : Introduction 

ARMagic Review is a breakthrough cloud-based tool that empowers users to create captivating 3D augmented reality experiences without extensive technical knowledge. From customizable ads to interactive product demos, ARMagic transforms marketing materials into immersive wonders


ARMagic Review : Revolutionizing Augmented Reality Marketing with AI

In the consistently developing scene of promoting, ARMagic stands apart as a distinct advantage. This cloud-based application engages anybody to make spellbinding 3D video-increased reality (AR) encounters, changing unremarkable advertising materials into otherworldly, intelligent marvels. We should jump into the subtleties of this pivotal innovation.

Discover ARMagic, the first cloud app for creating and profiting from 3D AR marketing. No apps or hardware are needed. Start your agency today!


What Is ARMagic?

ARMagic is the first cloud app that enables users to:

Create: Design engaging 3D AR experiences without any coding skills.

Engage: Turn static sites, lead pages, cards, and flyers into interactive AR content.

Profit: Monetize your creations by selling futuristic AR campaigns to businesses.

ARMagic Review

ARMagic Review: Overview

Vendor: Ben Murray et al

Product: ARMagic

Launch Date: 2024-May-14

Launch Time: 11:00 EDT

Front-End Price: $47

Niche: Software

Sales Page: Get ARMagic


ARMagic Review : Key Features

Launch AR-Enabled Marketing Campaigns Lighting Fast:


AR Sales Campaigns

Advertise products and include links to buy them

AR Lead Generation Campaigns

Add option forms and CTAs to AR experiences to build your list quickly

Interactive eCommerce Product Experiences

Let users try on and showcase products in their own homes without driving to a store

Social Media Viral Experiences

Add social media and WhatsApp links to make your pages and social media skyrocket in popularity

Augmented any type of product packaging

Add AR experiences to product packaging to increase sales and brand recognition

Educational Experiences

Educate your buyers with any AR element you want for an immersive experience that will get them to buy again from you

AI Easy-to-Use Zero Code Editor

Simply choose a template, drag and drop images, videos, 3D models and other assets onto your scene, add buttons and actions then hit publish and you’re done!

Big DFY Augmented Reality Scenes Library

Choose from tons of already pre-built 3D scenes in small business niches like insurance, florist, event planning, ice cream parlor, real estate agents, marketing services, restaurants, and more.

Tons of AR Assets to Build From

Choose from many amazing 3D assets to build your incredible augmented reality experience. 

Just type a keyword and pick from tons of 3D augmented reality assets. Preview what it will look like and add to your 3D video scene in just a click.

Built-in Ads, Business Card, & Flyer Builder

Automatically place your AR QR code directly into ads, business cards, or flyers and edit them in the cloud. 

Customize everything how you want by adding text, editing layers, adding shapes and emojis, and then exporting to the dimensions of your choice.

DFY Templates for Magic QR-Codes

Choose from already DFY business card, ad, and flyer templates to pop your augmented reality QR code into. These are in the most popular business niches that can match with the augmented reality 3D scenes.

Make AR Lead Generation Campaigns

Generate far more leads with AR lead campaigns. Add opt-in forms and CTA videos to interactive AR scenes that engage people and help you build your list faster.

Offline or Online Tracking Technology 

Display augmented reality content on surfaces of the real world like cards, flyers, packaging, and more.

Or create AR experiences on the web like on sites, lead pages, blogs, and more.

No Apps or Hardware Needed

For the first time ever, let users experience augmented reality marketing without having to download annoying apps from the app store. Or, have to invest in metaverse and VR gear.

Multiscene 3D technology

Recognize multiple images through the same camera view without scanning a QR code each time. Build entire 3D scenes that play out with many parts.

Interactive AR Experiences

Let users interact with your AR experience as they view it.

Include videos to play and hear, CTA buttons that sell products, social media links that build your tribe, and more.

Import Your Own Marketing Materials

Add your own videos, images, icons, and more into the app and add them to your augmented reality scenes in a simple tap. Just drag and drop them into place — no coding needed.

Wide Range of Supported Content

Combine different types of content to design immersive experiences with realistic 3D models, images, videos, sound effects, and music.

No-Code Creation: 

ARMagic lets you build eye-popping AR experiences without writing a single line of code. Whether you’re a marketer, entrepreneur, or creative enthusiast, you can easily create captivating content.

Pre-Built 3D Scenes: 

Choose from a vast library of pre-built 3D AR scenes across various niches. From product demos to virtual showrooms, ARMagic has you covered.

Multiscene Technology: 

ARMagic works seamlessly on any device, instantly. Its multiscene 3D technology ensures smooth transitions between scenes, enhancing user engagement.

Commercial Technology: 

The app allows you to create and sell futuristic AR campaigns to businesses. Imagine running a low-competition agency business that leverages cutting-edge technology!

And Many More Features Like: 

  • Fully Cloud-Based App
  • Fast Support & Knowledge-Base
  • Works on Any Device
  • No App or Hardware Needed
  • In-App Training
  • Easy ‘No-Code’ Solution
  • Huge 3D  Library
  • Upload Your Own 3D Files
  • And Much More
ARMagic Review

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Benefits Of ARMagic

User-Friendly Interface: 

ARMagic features a drag-and-drop editor, making it accessible to users of all skill levels. You can easily create interactive AR content without any coding expertise.

Vast Library of Pre-Built Assets: 

ARMagic provides a rich library of pre-designed 3D elements, animations, and effects. These resources permit you to rapidly gather drawing in AR lobbies for your promoting materials.

Boost Sales and Brand Awareness: 

Transform ordinary websites, lead pages, business cards, and flyers into magical AR experiences. These enrapturing visuals can catch consideration, drive clicks, and at last lift deals and memorability.

No Special Apps or Hardware Required: 

Unlike traditional AR experiences that often require users to download specific apps or use specialized devices, ARMagic works seamlessly on regular devices. Anyone can engage with your AR content without any additional installations.

Commercial Rights: 

ARMagic comes with commercial technology, enabling you to create and sell futuristic AR campaigns to businesses. It helps make your business less competitive.

Who Needs It


Stand out from all the other competitors by offering AR review pages and experiences on your site to build your list


Get paid to sell magical flyers, sites, cards, and more to small businesses offline or online

Local biz Owners

Replace dead flyers, business cards, sites, and packaging with magical ones that get customers talking

Coaches & Consultants

Create AR demonstrations in your info-product materials that brand you as the authority


Let customers demo products in their house like they actually bought them before buying online

Side Hustlers

Sell AR creation on massive freelance sites where there’s little competition still


Overwhelmed on how to make sales online? Start an AI-AR agency that’s different from everyone else

ARMagic Review

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ARMagic Review : Bonuses

Mega Flyer Bundle for QR Codes:

Get a gigantic bundle of gorgeous flyers in lots of local business templates. 

Easily add your augmented reality experiences to these and sell to clients.

GenieRank AI:

GenieRankAI can perform NLP keyword analysis and H2H contender investigation in any niche.

Then it generates AI-SEO optimized blog posts to rank for the targeted keywords & beat out researched competitors for tons of free traffic. 

Agency Rights to Virtual Tours Builder:

Create amazing virtual tours on your own easily using this software. Let visitors take a tour of your place remotely, and keep them engaged.

With Virtual Tour Builder, you can create a virtual tour, where your visitors can navigate through any place via their smartphone or computer in a 360 panoramic view and get an overall idea on how it looks in reality.

Agency Rights to Easy 3D Flipbook Creator:

Tap into the power of 3D and create gorgeous ebooks & flipbooks that appear to be 3D with this incredible tool. 

Make realistic 3D flip books from any content including AI content & share anywhere.

Luxury Business Card for AR Demonstrations:

ARMagic already comes with lots of business card templates. 

But, you’ll also get this high-end secret luxury template to add QR codes to and demonstrate them live to potential clients and land them for 4-figure fees.

Adwords Ads Fast & Easy:

Drive traffic immediately to your VR experiences with this easy-to-understand training by us. 

This non-PLR Adwords academy training walks you through how to set up profitable PPC campaigns fast through Adwords – especially for local businesses to send highly targeted leads.


Get a stunning AI image maker you can use for yourself or clients to make images for any need that stand out.

Rapid Leadpage Builder 3.0:

A slick rapid lead page builder to build out customized sites right from within the dashboard for your AR experiences to be on.

How Does ARMagic Work?

Design: Use ARMagic’s intuitive interface to create your 3D AR experiences. Add videos, calls-to-action (CTAs), and social media links to enhance user interaction.

Deploy: Embed your AR content on websites, landing pages, or promotional materials. No need for external apps or hardware—users can engage directly.

Profit: Offer your services to businesses looking to elevate their marketing game. With ARMagic, you’re not just creating content; you’re building a lucrative agency.

ARMagic Review : Pros and Cons


Creativity Unleashed: ARMagic sparks creativity by democratizing AR content creation.

Rich Asset Library: Access a wide range of 3D assets to enhance your projects.

Instant Compatibility: Works seamlessly across devices, ensuring a smooth user experience.


Learning Curve: While user-friendly, mastering all features may take some time.

Market Education: Businesses may need education on the value of AR marketing.


ARMagic Review

ARMagic Review : FAQ’s

Q: Does the User Need to Download an App or Hardware to See the AR?

Not at all. ARMagic is the 1st solution that lets you experience augmented reality without the need to download a 3rd party app or buy expensive gear.

Q: Is this app hard to use?

No, this is the first-ever no-code easy-to-use app that lets anyone create amazing augmented reality experiences from scratch. Even if you’ve never had success online and think you’re bad at technology, you can have results with this.

Q: Is this a recurring fee? If not how can you offer something so advanced for so little?

There will be a recurring fee soon, but during the founder’s discount special, you can get access with NO monthly fees or hidden costs.

Q: How Much Can I Charge as an Agency?

Newbies are charging $1000+ per AR marketing material and landing clients for $2000/month fees. That is very low compared to what other AR agencies are charging.

Q: Where Do I Get the Clients as an Agency?

You can find these clients just about anywhere such as Fiverr, Upwork, etc. All they have to do is see a demonstration and their in.

If you buy today you’ll qualify for special training that will walk you through additional steps to guarantee you land your first client.

No Monthly Fees

Commercial Rights Included


ARMagic Review : Conclusion

ARMagic overcomes any barrier between the creative mind and reality. Now is the ideal time to change your showcasing materials into enthralling AR encounters and ride the rush of development. Investigate ARMagic today and open a universe of conceivable outcomes!

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