FranknAI Review
FranknAI Review

FranknAI Review: Streamlining Social Media Content Creation with AI

Welcome to my FranknAI Review post,

It’s a brand new app that is getting organic traffic for 365 days from 5 different viral platforms with more than 5 billion active users in 2024.

Users enter a single keyword to generate 365-day marketing automation plans and high-quality social media content through ‘self-learning’ AI. Which improves it further based on the feedback of your audience.



FranknAI is a marketing automation tool that uses artificial intelligence to create and manage social media content. Users enter a URL, and the AI generates 365 days of content. The system publishes this content and updates it based on audience feedback.


OTO1 – FranknAI PRO – $67 one-time

🠆 ​Import From Audio or Document

🠆 ​5 Additional Businesses

🠆 ​Additional Platforms – Quora, Email, Ads, Blog, Telegram, Discord

🠆 ​Integrations – Telegram, Discord

🠆 ​Unlimited Objectives 


OTO2 – FranknAI UNLIMITED – $297/yr or $77/quarter or $697 lifetime

🠆 ​Unlimited Businesses

🠆 ​Unlimited Content Creation

🠆 ​Team License (5 Team Members)


OTO3 – FranknAI Agency $197 one time

🠆 ​Unlimited Sub Accounts

🠆 ​Register Links Generator

🠆 ​DFY Business Website:

All Website Pages Created with content

Add Business Client’s Testimonial

Add Featured Samples of Business Services Offered

Custom PayPal Checkout Integration

🠆 ​DFY Sales Proposal

🠆 ​DFY Email Swipes

🠆 ​DFY Telemarketing Scripts

🠆 ​DFY Legal Contract

🠆 ​DFY Graphics Banner

🠆 ​DFY Business Cards

🠆 ​DFY FB Ads Creativity

🠆 ​DFY Rate Cards

🠆 ​DFY Letterheads

🠆 ​DFY Invoice


OTO4 – AI Repurpose Domination – $47 one time 

🠆 ​Creating An Email Sequence

🠆 ​Developing CTA & Follow Up Emails

🠆 ​Structuring Email Content

🠆 ​Crafting Benefits And Features

🠆 ​Published

🠆 ​Create Marketing Material To Get Leads & Sales

🠆 ​Creating A Sales Page Using AI Copywriting

🠆 ​Creating Bonuses

🠆 ​Developing CTA

🠆 ​FAQ

🠆 ​Finding Target Audience

🠆 ​Opening The Sales Page

🠆 ​Prices & Refund Policies

🠆 ​Testing And Optimizing


FranknAI Review: Overview


Neil Napier


Launch Date


Launch Time

11:00 EDT

Front-End Price



Software (Online)

The Official Home Page

Discount Coupon

$2 discount coupon “FRANKNAI"


Click Here To Get Instant Access Now & Get Discount


FranknAI Review : Description


365-day marketing plan

How to use different strategies to promote any product throughout the year and save time.


Import website

Make it easy to provide detailed product information by using your product URL on your website.


Task management

Keep your business organized by assigning tasks with a visual calendar and a detailed task list for your business.


Self-contained marketing resource

Depending on your chosen topic and target audience, Frankie will make your efforts more successful by offering relevant and engaging visual assets to complement your marketing posts.


Plan Customization

FranknAI will deliver detailed customization of marketing plans including objectives, frequency and platforms to reach your specific goals.


Auto-generate marketing task descriptions

Don’t forget to look at the blank page. FranknAI leads and develops a detailed marketing roadmap and suggests content ideas. Avoid confusion.


Built-in content enhancer

Automatically improve the quality of your content with our built-in content enhancer Don’t like the content? Try again and see the magic. Maximize the potential of your content.


Direct integration with Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter

Connect various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram to manage content. Become ubiquitous.


Marketing Automation

FranknAI automates posting, updating, and feedback integration across all connected platforms. Reduce manual workload.


Create more tasks in one-click

With just one click, FranknAI generates more marketing tasks and ideas, ensuring you never run out of ways to reach your audience. Each task should be well understood.


Upvote/downvote resources for improved output

Please upvote content you like and downvote content you dislike. This feedback loop helps FranknAI learn and create content that perfectly meets your needs. Instantly improve the quality of your content.

FranknAI Review


How Does FranknAI Review Work


Enter The Website URL Or Add the Business Description & Details Manually


Watch AI Create A 365 Day Content Automation Plan Multiple Content Streams For Different Social Channels Based On Your Input


Let AI Post, Improve, And Schedule Content For You On Multiple Social Media Platforms

FranknAI Review


Who Is FranknAI Review Intended For?


  1. Social Media Agency
  2. Sell Marketing Automation Services
  3. Content Marketing Planning
  4. Affiliate Marketing
  5. Grow your own brand
  6. Social Media Marketing Services
  7. Sell Emails And Ads
  8. And So Much More


What can he do for you?


Build a Loyal Following (and Monetize It!)

FranknAI helps you create engaging, bite-sized content that captivates your audience. Watch your subscriber numbers skyrocket! Then easily monetize this huge audience with affiliate links, digital products, coaching, and more. The earning potential is unlimited.


Email Opt-Ins on Autopilot

Turn your social media traffic into a goldmine of leads. FranknAI helps you create engaging content that draws users to your membership pages. Build your email list to generate on-demand revenue and send targeted offers to your customers whenever you want.

Boost Sales of Your Courses and Products

With FranknAI, you can create a constant stream of useful content that attracts visitors and converts them into paying customers. Present your offer impressively and watch your sales grow. The more valuable content you publish, the more products and courses you sell.


Attract High-Ticket Coaching Clients 

Become a social media influencer in no time with FranknAI’s automated content creation. Attract your ideal clients and easily book endless, high-value coaching calls.      Position yourself as an expert and command premium pricing – while becoming an instructor in your niche.


Skyrocket Your E-commerce Revenue

Re-engage website visitors and convert them into loyal customers with FranknAI’s automated social media strategy. Display your products in a way that attracts attention and drives sales. Watch your eCommerce store sales skyrocket as FranknAI lowers your cost per acquisition.


Start Your Social Media Marketing Agency

Launch your agency on social media quickly. FranknAI automates content creation and scheduling, empowering you to attract customers and build a thriving business. Focus on strategy, not commitment. Start your agency with confidence – FranknAI is here to help.


Become a Social Media Automation Mastermind

FranknAI lets you become an unbiased social media service provider. Companies love interesting content, but it takes time to create. With FranknAI, you can automate content creation and scheduling so your clients can focus on their core business.

FranknAI Review

Click Here To Get Instant Access Now & Bonuses

FranknAI Review : Features


Feature 1 Import From Description or Website URL:

Bring new life to existing content. Enter FranknAI your website URL or your business description and watch it create a year-round marketing plan tailored to your specific needs. Stop brainstorming and start strategizing.


Feature 2 Create a 365-day marketing plan:

FranknAI takes the guesswork out of planning.    Get a detailed, year-round marketing plan with actionable objectives and strategies created in seconds. FranknAI focuses on execution while managing planning.


Feature 3 Create marketing content for Facebook and Instagram:

Create effective Facebook posts that resonate with your audience and increase engagement. FranknAI understands Facebook’s unique algorithm and creates content with maximum impact


Feature 4 Create marketing content for Twitter:

Get a constant stream of interesting tweets and topics tailored specifically for the fast-paced Twitter environment. Stay up to date and start conversations with FranknAI’s AI-powered content creation.


Features 5 Create Marketing Content for LinkedIn:

Build a strong professional presence on LinkedIn with targeted content that positions you as an industry expert. FranknAI creates high-quality LinkedIn posts that showcase your brand and expertise.


Feature 6 Create marketing content for Reddit and Medium:

Position yourself as an industry expert and build a strong professional presence on LinkedIn with targeted content. FranknAI creates high-quality LinkedIn posts that showcase your brand and expertise.


Feature 7 Direct integration with Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter

Easily integrate FranknaI with major social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter    Plan and publish your content directly from FranknaEye, saving you time and streamlining your workflow.


Features 8 Choose from multiple marketing objectives:

FranknAI is adaptive!    Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness, lead generation, or sales, Franknai creates content and strategies tailored to your specific objectives.


Feature 9 Auto-Generate Marketing Task Description:

Frankney is customizable Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness, generate leads, or increase sales, Frankney creates content and strategies tailored to your specific goals.


Features 10 Auto-complete marketing resources:

Based on your chosen topic and target audience, FranknAI offers relevant and engaging visual assets to complement your marketing posts.    No more searching the internet for inspiration: Franknai can help you create comprehensive and eye-catching marketing materials in no time.


Feature 11 Instant calendar view:

Organize your marketing efforts and stay on top of them with FranknAI’s intuitive calendar view. With a clear overview of your entire marketing plan, you can easily track your progress and adjust your strategy as needed.


Create more tasks in one click:

Do you need to inject content? No problem! With just one click, FranknAI generates more marketing tasks and ideas, ensuring you never run out of ways to reach your audience.


Feature 13 Upvote/downvote resource for improved output:

Create your own content with Franknai. Upvote content you like and downvote content you don’t. This feedback loop helps FranknAI learn and create content that perfectly matches your brand voice and marketing goals.


Feature 14 Commercial Rights – Sell your content marketing automation services:

Stop selling your time, sell results! FranknAI empowers you to offer premium marketing automation services to clients. Create, schedule and post high-quality content for their social media throughout the year – all powered by AI


Feature 15 Detailed training includes:

Get the most out of FranknAI with comprehensive training materials. Master the software and unlock its full potential to automate your marketing and achieve incredible results.


FranknAI Review : Pros and Cons



Time Efficiency: FranknAI significantly reduces the time spent on content creation. By generating a year’s worth of content in one go, users can focus on other critical aspects of their business.

Consistent Branding: The AI ensures that all generated content aligns with the brand’s identity. Consistency across social media platforms builds trust with the audience.

Adaptive Updates: FranknAI’s ability to update content based on audience feedback is a game-changer. It keeps content fresh and relevant, adapting to changing trends and preferences.

Agency-Friendly: Social media marketing agencies can benefit from FranknAI by offering automated content creation services to clients. It streamlines their workflow and enhances client satisfaction.

Cost-Effective: The one-time payment model makes it affordable for businesses of all sizes.



Quality Control: While FranknAI generates content, users must still review it for quality. Not all AI-generated content may meet the desired standards.

Lack of Personalization: AI lacks the human touch. Although it adapts based on feedback, it may not capture the nuances of personalized content.

Dependency on URLs: Users need to input relevant URLs for content generation. If the source content isn’t high-quality, the output may suffer.

Limited Creativity: AI algorithms follow patterns and existing content. Creativity and out-of-the-box thinking may be limited.

Audience Understanding: While it adapts to feedback, Frankie doesn’t fully understand the audience context. Human intuition is still valuable.


FranknAI Review : Pricing and Bonuses


Front-end Price: $32–$37 (one-time payment)

FranknAI Bundle: Includes all upgrades/OTOs, bonuses, premium support, and a full refund policy. Priced at $297/year or $497 one-time payment (use code “FRANKNEXCLUSIVE” to save $50 or “FRANKNSPECIAL” to save $100).

Bonuses: The author team and HudaReview offer substantial bonuses to enhance your experience.

FranknAI Review

Click Here To Get Instant Access Now

FranknAI Review: Bonuses



Free Spot On Live Bonus Webinar: How To Make 6-FIGURES With FranknAI (Training With Industry Expert)

Get your copy of FranknAI and a free spot to attend a training webinar session.

In this webinar, I will personally show you how to make 6 numbers with FrankenEye. Nothing stops and we will accompany you through the entire process.

Rest assured that you will never be alone when you choose Franknai. We will always be by your side


BONUS 2 SocialSauce

The social sauce is about creating engaging content. Choose from over 113 stunning templates for covers, stories, and publications. Easily customize your text, photos, and brand colors No design knowledge is required! Go from blank canvas to “polar masterpiece” (in his words) in minutes. Increase your engagement and stand out on social media with Social Sauce


BONUS 3 : Content Marketing Vault Training

Useful content should be at the core of your marketing. It helps you build trust, build relationships and improve conversions. In this training you will learn the principles of content marketing, types of content marketing and most importantly how to plan your content marketing.


FranknAI Review: FAQs

I’m super busy. Can I get results with FranknAI?

Absolutely! We created this software with you in mind, my friend. FranknAI is designed for people who want to do more in less time. It’s your ticket to getting results on social media FASTER.

Do you offer more in-depth help? 

Yes. Right after the launch ends, we’ll be hosting a special live webinar where we’ll show you how exactly you can make money with FranknAI. We also have a support team available 24/7.

Who is this for? 

It’s for every person who wants to build a massive social media following. This is also for you if you’re someone who wants to help other businesses with their social media marketing needs.

Do I really need this tool?

Honestly? Yes. If you’re someone who wants to grow their social media following without having to spend money hiring social media agencies and content creators – this is exactly what you need.

How is this different than all the other stuff out there? 

FranknAI is unlike anything you’ve ever seen because it not only creates a 365-day content automation plan… it also creates the content, posts it, and improves it based on your audience’s feedback. Most of the tools don’t have this feature or need manual effort via different prompts.

Is there a money-back guarantee? 

Yes, you get a 14-day money-back guarantee in case it’s not 

FranknAI Review

FranknAI Review : Conclusion

FranknAI is more than just a content generator; it’s your personal marketing assistant. With its AI-powered capabilities, you’ll stay ahead of the content curve, build brand trust, and boost sales. Say hello to stress-free social media content creation and let FranknAI handle the rest! 

Click Here To Get Instant Access Now

For more information, visit the official FranknAI page Here.

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