Description : VRTRek

VRTrek is a completely new AI. Fusion technology for creating and selling profitable virtual interactive videos and images in minutes.

Let’s be honest, virtual video is the present and future of video marketing. This is the truth. In the era of digital media and mobile technology, consumers are not only exposed to different types of media on a regular basis, but they are constantly exposed to it. Yes, according to the numbers, a customer is exposed to an average of 500-5,000+ advertisements per day. That means it’s more difficult than ever to attract and retain consumer attention with TV, digital and mobile marketing. That’s why the world’s best brands use his 360-degree videos to create compelling video marketing experiences that keep them engaged for the long term.

Virtual interactive video therefore appears like a ray of sunshine and will be with us for a long time to come. That’s why interactive videos and images are a must for every business owner. 88% of marketers say interactive content differentiates them from their competitors. Interactive video resulted in a 66% increase in engagement and a 44% increase in watch time. The videos are shared more often than he is 29% and help drive brand and product awareness. Interactive content generates 4-5 times more page views than static content. Interactive videos have 10x higher click-through rates than passive videos. He said 93% of marketers said interactive content is highly effective in educating shoppers.

And going further, industries around the world are using virtual video to engage with as many customers as possible. Grow your company into his 2023 with interactive videos and give your competitors a sustainable edge. Interactive video is intelligent, dynamic, personalized and perfect for enhancing any brand. Interactive video allows consumers to interact privately with brands and have real conversations based on their responses. Ultimately, business owners can give their audiences the chance to interact with their brands and deliver an unparalleled user-her experience. They provide unprecedented interactive technology for creating game-changing virtual videos and images without paying expensive monthly subscriptions or multiple other apps. By himself he creates one video. Prior knowledge of video creation or editing is required. Take care of your daily work and manual work. Prior technical or marketing knowledge. Issues related to monthly or annual fees. Introducing VR Trek.

Overview : VRTrek

Product : VRTrek

Author/Vendor: SyedHaseeb

Launch Date: 2023-June-25

Official Website: Visit Here

Front-End Price: $67

Refund: 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Bonuses: Yes, Huge Bonuses

Skill: All Levels

Niche: Software

Support: Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе

Recommend: Highly Recommend!

How does VRTREK works ?

Step 1 : Upload Image/ Video – To get started, just upload the image or the video from your mobile/ camera or iPhone in a whisker.

And Step 2 : Upload To VRTrek – Now, upload your videos to VRTrek and create your first highly appealing Virtual Interactive videos in few clicks.

Step 3 : Sell & Profit – Great, you’re all set. Now sell these interactive videos to hordes of audience globally & start profiting right away.

Amazing Features of VRTREK

3D View – Create A 3D View and Show Your Tour In an Immersive and Interactive Mode

Presentation – A new Way to Present Virtual Tour, Create Your Own Story Telling In A Simple Manner

Gallery – Show A Dedicated Image’s Gallery on Your Virtual Tour

Virtual Staging – Show Before and After Version Of A PANORAMA IN The same view by Splitting The screen

POls Styles – Be creative With Extensive Customization of point of interest

WEBVR – EXPERIENCE virtual Tour in 3D Virtual Reality Mode Directly Inside the Browser

Powerful Hotspot Editor – Be creative with extensive point of interest customization with images, videos, links, 3ds and more.

Live Session & Meetings – Invite peoples to join your shared tour with video/audio call and chat.

Virtual Reality – Experience the tour in virtual reality directly inside the browser with a mobile or with a compatible VR Headset.

Built-In Shop – View your products and sell them directly inside the tour.

360 Video – Support for 360 degree video as panorama.

Globe – View all your tours in the world map.

Voice Commands Support

QR Code Features

Multi Language Support

Room Measurements

Benefits of the VRTrek

Automotive Industry – VR allows engineers and designers to experiment easily with the look and build of a vehicle before commissioning expensive prototypes. Companies such as BMW and Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) been using VR for years to hold early design and engineering reviews to check the visual design and object obscuration of the vehicle – all before any money has been spent on physically manufacturing the parts.

Healthcare – VR is making a significant impact in healthcare. Healthcare professionals can use VR to better prepare themselves for any situation. Companies like Osso VR enable surgeons to interact with medical devices in VR and practice surgery on virtual bodies, helping to increase familiarity with new devices and proficiency in implanting them.

Retail – With VR retail experiences and body-scanning technology, we will be able to try on clothes in the virtual world to see what they’d look like in person. Fashion houses like Hugo Boss will be amongst the first taking part in the first Metaverse Fashion Week in March 2022, where there will be virtual catwalks, stores, and fitting rooms.

Tourism – In the post-Covid era, the developments in VR for tourism enable you to try a holiday before you buy it.Imagine being able to experience a guided tour of Barcelona or Budapest from your home in California or Singapore. From Rome’s Colosseum to coral reefs, and the surface of Mars, users can travel the world from the comfort of their own home.

Real Estate – Companies like Matterport are leading the way for people to explore houses online and get a ‘feel’ for the space, saving time looking rounds places that might be smaller, darked, or otherwise not what you expected. This way, you can focus your time viewing only the properties you’re most likely to love in person.

Entertainment – VR is being used in the entertainment industry to heighten experiences with 360 films & increase emotional connection with the characters or film itself. Disney Movies VR, for example, takes the user to red carpet events and to an interview with ‘The Jungle Book’ cast.

Sports – The way that we watch sports is already changing, with several VR companies specializing in watching live sports events. You can now watch the NBA, NFL, and other events in VR. Companies such as Big Screen VR enable people to watch the Superbowl together in VR, and NBC announced it will live stream the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics in VR, as well as provide highlights for some of the events in VR

Business Events, Meetings & Conferences – Since VR enables individuals to meet in places virtually, it’s no surprise that the pandemic brought a rise in VR events, conferences and meetings. Platforms such as Glue, Arthur and Meeting Room can be used to hold collaborative, interactive meetings with colleagues from anywhere in the world.

You can put on your headset in London, and meet virtually with your colleagues in New York and Madrid, and connect and work with them as if you were all in the same room.

Social – VR enables people to meet in the same virtual space from anywhere in the world. Once in VR, or ‘the metaverse’, people can visit virtual cinemas, restaurants, beaches, concerts, and more together.

Several big players are already building social communities in the VR space, including Meta’s Horizon Worlds and AltspaceVR. They not only enables people to explore virtual worlds together, but they can create immersive content too, including VR spaces specifically for their friends and colleagues.


Who needs use?

SAAS Sellers

YouTube Marketers

Affiliate Marketers

Website Owners

Video Marketers

Email Marketers

Social Media Marketers

E-com Store Owners

Digital Product Sellers

SEO Professionals

Bloggers & Vloggers

Product Coaches/Trainers

Others Facilities

Create Interactive Virtual Reality Videos To Get Hordes Of Customers

Fully Showcase Your Business or Product with your Audience

Easily Connect With Your Audience Using A Dedicated Image Gallery

Easily export your Virtual Videos & Use Anywhere

Create A 3D View And Show Your Tour In An Immersive And Interactive Mode

Show Before and After Version Of A PANORAMA IN The same view by Split The screen

Experience 3D Virtual Reality Mode Directly Inside the Browser

Be Creative With Extensive Customization Of Point Of Interest

Live Panorama Enhancing

Invite People To Join Your Shared Video With Video/Audio Call And Chat.

Hotspot Transitions & Effects

Powerful Hotspot Editor

Maps, Floor Plans & Orientation Indicator

Embeds to your website/ landing page

Room Measurements

QR Code Features

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